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Bellisimo has villa hotels in Dominican Republic and in 2007 Miami , with a choice of address in each location. Every style from avant garde to highly traditional is included in an eclectic collection all built and maintained to the immaculate standards you would expect of a beautiful resort.

Bellisimo is an all inclusive resort and not a destination club. There are no annual costs, membership fees or even other members competing for time at a villa. This is your private hotel.

Until now, it has been hard to find everything that you want in either a villa or a hotel. Villas bring the limitation of second class staff and do it yourself services, and conventional concierges are reactive rather than pro-active. Bellisimo lets you choose from our guest services directory for just about any request you care to make. Any!

Bellisimo creates villa hotels from spectacular and unique properties. This is not a hotel where you stay in just a room; the entire villa is for your personal use. . The location, gardens, and interior all have to surpass our standards of excellence. Bellisimo approaches the concept of luxury from a completely different perspective. Indeed, it is actually three perspectives.

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